Continuous Improvement Programme - RMS

Continuous improvement transformation RMS is an intensive improvement program that is launched in the area where the customer has the biggest challenge, or which is the main bottleneck of the business. It is also the beginning of the journey towards the creation of a new organization adhering to the value of continuous improvement philosophy.

A typical transformation takes about 6 – 8 months and starts with a strategic workshop with key managers, where the calibration is carried out in terms of the mission, vision, strategy, value and culture of the company plus the overview about cooperation with MAP & Partners. Then, the client’s business needs are diagnosed, and after this stage you will receive a clear plan, roadmap, development of your organization, along with predefined potentials. We show which elements/processes, and how, they should be improved to generate the maximum added value for your company.

After agreeing on the direction of company growth, there is an intensive program of introducing changes, in which we focus on the development of leaders and work with the 3 key elements of your organization, i.e. the Operational System, Organizational Structure, Attitudes and Behaviors.