Lean Healthcare

Healthcare is an area that has great potential associated with building a culture of continuous improvement. Working with medical staff requires knowledge, great self-denial and charisma of our consultants. This area directly affects us all as patients. Thus improving the safety of both the patient and employees involved in the treatment process, thanks to reduction of mistakes, elimination of errors in documentation, improvements in the reception of results, etc. is one of the indicators that we recommend in our transformations. Increasing cost efficiency by reducing unnecessary stock of drugs, materials, and standardizing work places builds the cost-effectiveness of the implementation. Improvement of communication and common goals in the patient’s treatment process are supported by workshops and visual management, e.g.. Check-in boards, Problem Solving workshops. Our methods improve both large medical entities, such as hospitals, and smaller clinics, most often the patient’s first line of contact with the health service. We want, thanks to the knowledge about methods of continuous improvement (lean management), improve processes in the health service and we do it, with great successes, for over 5 years, improving and changing processes at our clients. We are able to carry out a change in your organization, at the level of processes and implementation of a full cultural change according to the own-developed RMS system (Rational Management System), based on many years of experience of our team. This method adjusts to the profile of your profile, strategic goals, human resources and the direction in which you want to run your organization. Work on value added from the perspective of both the patient and the organization, elimination of losses in processes, increasing the involvement of medical personnel, development of leaders by giving them the competence, are the main assumptions of our RMS approach.